House Of D’oro

Be A ShowStopper

Our Tagline is not just our motto but is how we envision our Brand to be.
Contemporary Fashion, Accessible to all.

House of D’oro began its journey in September 2015 when Preksha Mehta, our founder, had the vision to create handcrafted jewelry and fashion that exudes grace and elegance. Starting with a humble team of 5 women artisans, to an organization with more than 35 highly talented craftswomen, we are ever-growing and ever-evolving. The name D’oro infers the color GOLD and we add a touch of gold to everything we make.

House of D’oro has a wide collection of apparel, jewelry, accessories, and footwear catered to women who feel fashion is an extension of one’s personality. To those who are fearless, bold, and love to experiment with their looks. Be it festive, wedding, or any event we have got you covered with our stunning pieces


The first ever product, which we gave life to through our blood, sweat, and tears was an Ear Cuff. And that was our first biggest launch and the one where we started to taste success. Since then we have evolved and continually expanded our products. Adding innovative handcrafted jewelry and fashion that accentuate the artistry of the women artisans and empowering them is a goal that we strive to achieve.

Our Vision

For everyone to be a Showstopper Handcrafted Fashion by Women for Women. To dream, believe and create quality products fit for all. Creating luxury fashion statement pieces while being completely transparent and authentic is our vision. We want to be known as a Fashion Forward Company without forgetting our Indian roots and promote handcrafted Indian products To create fashion that will resonate with our consumers while being relevant in the world of fashion is in the ethos of our brand.


Our Mission

To make everyone a showstopper is our mission. Since our brand's inception, we have been keen on helping women to be more confident and unleash their potential. Empowering women to express themselves through their style is of prime importance to us. Setting higher standards in fashion with our unique interpretation is our aim.  By doing so, we also focus on empowering women artisans. We have also been open to enabling our customers to design and curate according to their hearts' desires. At no extra cost, we let our consumers craft their ideas into reality and have a delightful shopping experience.

Why choose us?


Fashion houses today produce bulk products that lack a unique human element and touch. Create cheap knock-offs for the sake of being relevant and bring in some quick buck. That is where we come in. All our products are curated after thorough research and hand-crafted by our artisans to give you the best possible quality and exclusive designs that are contemporary, chic, and timeless.

Research, Research, and more Research.

At D’oro, we invest a lot of time and resources in analyzing the latest trends. Curating designs that resonate with our customers while being ahead of the latest fashion trends is our top priority. Every single product produced goes through analysis and research. These steps are taken to ensure that our legacy isn't tampered with.

Aesthetic Design Environment

Our founder Preksha Mehta has specialized in handcrafted jewelry and fashion accessories which is our unique USP. We take special care in curating designs that are aesthetically pleasing.  We want our design to be one of a kind, a masterpiece artwork that will leave an imprint in the world of fashion. Our signature is embedded in every product we produce.

Handcrafted Products

We want every one of our customers to feel that our products reflect their personality. Inspired by this idea, we offer our customers a chance to customize and have their personal touch in their ensemble.  Our products are carefully curated by women artisans who know how fashion is an inevitable part of every woman's life.

Be it handcrafted jewelry, tailor-made garments, statement handbags, fashion footwear & accessories we put a lot of care, thought, and hard work to make our product the best possible experience that our consumers have.