General information

1. What is D’oro?
Founded in 2015, House of D’oro is the consummate destination for all your fashion jewelry, accessories & clothing needs, with a wide array of designer pieces. A stronghold of handcrafted jewelry and accessories designed for showstoppers & fashionistas. Fulfilling styling desires and choices for a cocktail, festival, dinner, casual outings, and wedding looks.
From a treasure trove of specially curated Bridal trousseau for brides-to-be to ravishing Indo-western outfits, D’oro has established its name as a brand that provides contemporary handcrafted fashion for women to add extravagance to their style. We represent the style of every contemporary woman who wants the best for her.

2. Where else can D’oro products be purchased?
D’oro products are also available in multiple online portals like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Aza Fashions, Nykaa Fashions, Aashni+co, etc., and multi-brand outlets like Tifara, Deval, Agashe, and many more.

3. Where is your flagship store?
One of Our Flag Ship store is in Surat. We are also coming up with other stores soon. Stay connected for updates.

4. Do you only design Jewelry?
We design Jewelry, Bags, Organizers & hair accessories as well.

Product Related Questions

1. Why are the products expensive?
Contemporary fashion is a rare find. We at D’oro understand the changing trends and the customer requirements to handcraft the merchandise with various options that no other brand offers under one roof.
Along with this, our products are completely handcrafted by our women artisans, who use top-notch materials of the highest quality to curate every masterpiece for our customers.

2. How do I take care of my jewelry?
A few of the ways to sustain your jewelry are to remove it before rigorous physical activity and apply lotions, scents, or sprays. When not wearing it, make sure to keep it in a box or pouch to avoid tarnishing. You can also check out the organizers on our page to keep your jewelry safe and as new as ever.

3. Does D’oro have customization option?
Yes, we do customize jewelry and accessories and bring our client’s visions to life.

4. Are the products heavy?
The jewelry is moderately heavy and easy to wear.

5. Where are the products made?
All the products are manufactured in India.

6. How durable is the jewelry?
All D'oro products are long-lasting and durable since they are meticulously handcrafted by artisans. The intricate design of some jewelry necessitates the wearer's use of discretion.

7. What materials are used to manufacture D’oro Products?
D’oro uses semi-precious stones, pearls, etc. on a gold-plated metal for its accessories, which are completely sourced from India.

8. Is it skin friendly?
Yes, the materials used in the products are skin friendly. However, it is advisable for wearers with pre-existing aversions to metal or other substances to consider taking precautions.

9. What is this Jewelry Called?
D’oro jewelry is primarily called statement / contemporary jewelry.


1. How to style D’oro products with western wear?
Our accessories go well with not only Indian but also western wear. For instance, you can make a bold fashion statement by pairing one of our necklaces with an evening gown and make heads turn.

2. Can I customize my jewelry as per my outfit?
Sure, why not! You can send us a picture of your outfit and we will be glad to help you with the materials and color options.

3. Can I style the pieces for various events?
Our pieces are versatile and will go with different styles and looks.

4. How do I choose the correct size of jewelry for my outfit?
You can send us a picture of your outfit and our team will have you out to pick the right size.

5. Can I wear D’oro jewelry to my workplace?
We have jewelry ranging from ethnic to minimalistic wear. You can find the right kind of accessories to feel like a true boss lady!

6. How can I use D’oro jewelry during my vacation?
Vacations are the place to go all out with style and you can pair a classic bracelet or earrings and pull off that bohemian look.

7. What if I don’t have a matching outfit to jewelry I liked from D’oro?
Our team will help you out with the color options for the same piece that goes well with your outfit.

8. What are the new jewelry/accessory trends?
Contemporary jewelry is the millennial trend, which is seen as progressive and practical. D’oro is your go-to brand for all things trendy and chic.

9. How can I style chunky necklaces?
One of the best ways is to wear them with a basic outfit to make the bold statement necklace stand out.